Business Haircuts for Men Can Give You an Edge in the Workplace

Business haircuts have a bad image for being stuffy or out of date. However, there are numerous men’s haircuts Chicago that is lively, trendy, and sleek while maintaining a feeling of professionalism. With the appropriate barber Chicago, you may get an innovative appearance that works well in a professional setting and complements your own style. In this series, we present some of our favorite businessmen’s haircuts recommended by a professional hair salon for men Chicago.

Butch Trim

Butch cuts, also known as brush cuts, are short, consistent hairdo that belongs to the buzz cut family. Although butch haircuts are most often associated with athletics and military men, they also work well for business workers since they are clean, manly, and simple to maintain. Butch haircuts might also help hide baldness.

Fade Undercut

Undercuts and fades are two of the most traditional barber haircuts Chicago for guys. Combining them is an excellent method to get a timeless, contemporary, and elegant aesthetic. Trim or shave the sides to a short length from the ears to the temples for an undercut fade. Your hair will be shorter on the sides and back and longer on top after this procedure. Undercut fades look best on guys with longer hair, although men may also wear them with short hair. Undercut fades make your hair look thicker while emphasizing your most excellent facial features.

Undercut Disconnect

A disconnected undercut is a style in which the hair is shorter on the sides and longer on top, but the transition from short to long is abrupt. This results in an eye-catching contrast. Disconnected undercuts will offer you a trendy and professional look that is also fascinating and never dull. Disconnected undercuts are perfect for guys who wish to leave their hair long but need a style that is adaptable and sophisticated enough to function in a professional setting.

Contemporary Comb Over

The comb-over is a timeless hairstyle that has come to represent elegance. So much so that combovers are known as the gentleman’s cut. Comb-overs are hairstyles that are stroked from one side of the head to the other. While certain comb-over styles may seem out of date, you may update the appearance by adding a low fade, emphasizing your part line, or adding volume to the top according to traditional barber shops Chicago.