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How To Slow Balding According Artur’s Barber Shop Chicago?

According to barbershop Chicago, male pattern baldness affects two-thirds of men, with 40% beginning to notice hair loss by the age of 35, but there are certain things you can do to attempt to delay it. Here are a few ideas we thought might be fun to try: Use A Laser Comb Men’s haircut experts […]

Some Pro Tips For Taking Care Of Your Hair From barber shop Chicago

For men’s hair, professional advice Since our hair doesn’t contain any blood, it is technically dead. They only require healthy scalp blood flow to begin growing. Therefore, rather than just the hair strand, the scalp has to be taken care of. Therefore, you should seek professional guidance if you are experiencing any hair issues, such […]

How To Make Kids Haircuts Run Calmly At The Barbershop

We frequent the traditional barber shop or salon frequently as grownups who have had our hair cut numerous times. Sitting still while someone puts you in the best possible haircut is one of the simplest things in the world. However, this procedure is anything from normal for kids visiting a salon or barbershop Chicago for […]

How Healthy Hairstyle May Improve Your Appearance?

Taking care of your hair is not only about aesthetics. The state of your hair reflects your health and hygiene. Healthy hair and scalp are important features of our appearance. That’s why it’s important to use only high-quality hair products and periodically visit the hair salon for men Chicago residents prefer. Hair is a component […]

Benefits Of Getting A New Haircut For Your Confidence

Our haircut defines how we feel, and how we present to society and hence it has an effect on our confidence. For a lot of people, a bad haircut may represent damage to our self-confidence. In other aspects, a new men’s haircut Chicago can drastically improve your confidence and have a good impact on how […]

How To Choose The Best Men’s Haircut That Fits Your Face Shape?

Choosing the haircut that suits you can be a daunting task and most men do not know where to start. It is essential to choose the style that fits both your face shape and lifestyle. At ARTUR’S BARBERSHOP Chicago-based shop we spend time guiding and advising our clients on how to make the right choice […]

Why an expert Barber is the only right choice for men’s haircut?

There’s one main difference between a barber and a hairstylist. Barbers are usually trained to cut shorter haircuts for men, and stylists are trained to cut longer, fuller hairstyles. The main focus of a barber is cutting men’s hair. They are licensed to be able to use a straight razor during their cuts. Barber Chicago […]

Fresh Haircut Defines You as a Men

  The best thing that men can do about their appearance is to get an amazing haircut. Having a fresh great looking men’s haircut can do wonders when it comes to appearance, style, attitude, and perception. As you may know, a haircut can say a lot about a man. A haircut can make a statement […]

How Important It Is to Choose a Good Barber?

Leaving a good impression within the first seven seconds of meeting people significantly affects the level of success you are experiencing in your business, career, and love life right now. Research says that within seconds, someone seeing you for the first time makes thousands of calculations inside their brain after meeting you. Yes, that is […]

Artur’s Barber Shop in Chicago – Why Do Kids Love Us?

The most challenging part of being a stylist is handling children that need a haircut. Trust us, we know the feeling all too well! At Artur’s Barbershop, we put kids at ease and make parents happy with our high-quality haircutting skills. When you step inside our barber shop Chicago, you will be welcomed in a […]

Why Are We The Best Barber Shop Chicago Has Ever Seen?

All men can be astonishing in their given physique and stature with just the right haircut to suit their face. This is the concept we strive to achieve with our professional men’s haircut in Chicago, done especially at our local Artur’s Barbershop. From razor shaves to faded cuts to kids haircut in Chicago, we do […]