What Your Hairstyle Says About You According to Barber Chicago

Although it’s not fair to judge a book by its cover, a kid’s haircut or men’s haircut Chicago may reveal a great deal about their character. This is because, despite the stereotype, most guys take pride in their hair. We are the barbershop Chicago that’s seen it all and can give you the lowdown on who chooses particular styles based on our years of expertise cutting hair and giving styling advice. All right, let’s get going.


The undercut is the first of our planned haircuts. A man who wants long, sleek hair but also a clean-shaven appearance may get what he wants with this kind of cut. This is the ideal style for those who want to make a statement. Furthermore, it is a fashion that helps you seem good whether you are heading to work or need to hit the road in style on your chopper.

Executive Contour

Classical in style, but strikingly modern in appearance. Men may go longer in between haircuts while still looking presentable by keeping the sides and back short. This is the style for gents who are sick of the city and want to spend some time in nature, whether it hiking or camping.

Long-Loose Hair

Men who want to break the rules seem to like this. It depicts a guy who is independent and can do what he wants to do at work. However, only musicians, hipsters, and creative types often choose this hairstyle.

Asymmetrical Undercut

Those who want to stand out from the crowd should get this cut. This is for those who can’t stand becoming old and who want to stand out from the crowd at all times.


Men who are trustworthy and loyal might consider getting a faded men’s haircut. All the males will be sleek and emphasized thanks to this. In addition to being a favorite among hair stylists, this style is also popular among fashionistas.


This is a more Elvis Presley-inspired aesthetic, and it helps guys seem a lot more refined. There is a considerable degree of maintenance involved with this haircut since it may easily become untidy and unsightly if not properly cared for.

Buzz Cut

This is a popular haircut since it’s so simple to do. If you’re a man who believes in straight talk, this style is for you. Athletes often adopt this style to hide their thin hair, and it’s a look that anybody can pull off. We can help you at Artur’s Barber Shop Chicago.