How Often Should You Get Your Men’s Haircut Chicago?

You probably don’t think about it often, simply getting a haircut when you notice your hair getting out of control, but there are certain things to consider when determining how often you should visit the barber shop Chicago.

How Short Would You Like It?

Generally, the shorter your hair, the more often you will need to see a barber. Getting it cut more frequently maintains the short look you’re after. As your hair grows, it will lose that fresh-cut appeal and begin looking messy.

Since hair tends to grow at about a rate of a half-inch per month, which means that if you get it buzzed down using the 1-guard, your hair will double in length after only one week. On long hair, you wouldn’t notice much of a difference.

Frequency of a Men’s Haircut in Chicago

While there is no definitive answer to how often you should get a haircut, since your style may change, your previous haircut was not as short as usual, or you have a certain cut that requires more maintenance, here’s what you can consider:

  •       For hair that is less than half an inch on the sides, visit your barber Chicago every two weeks or less to maintain your desired look. That includes a cut that features fades or a 1-guard buzz.
  •       If you have hair that is kept longer than a half-inch, match the length of the hair in inches to the number of weeks required to maintain that length. So for hair that is 4-inches long, go to the barbershop Chicago every 4-weeks.

No matter how long or short you keep your hair, it’s always a good idea to get your men’s haircut in Chicago for a fresh look and feel.