How To Make Kids Haircuts Run Calmly At The Barbershop

We frequent the traditional barber shop or salon frequently as grownups who have had our hair cut numerous times. Sitting still while someone puts you in the best possible haircut is one of the simplest things in the world.

However, this procedure is anything from normal for kids visiting a salon or barbershop Chicago for the first time. Some children may find it difficult to remain still if a stranger approaches them while holding a pair of razor-sharp shears. Please take into account the following advice for your first kids’ haircut:

#1 Introduce them to the hairstylist.
Getting your youngster comfortable with the location and the person doing the cutting can help calm them down before their first barber shop in Chicago haircut.

#2 Pick the Right Moment
Most toddlers go through phases of the day where they are in an excellent mood and phases where they aren’t nearly as good.

#3 Occupy and divert
A child is less likely to bother during their haircut the more distracted they are. A smartphone or tablet can assist in distracting them even if you have a “no screens” policy at home. The only possible exception to the rule might be the first haircut.

#4 Give a present
Inform your child that if they behave well throughout the entire haircut, they might get a reward at the end. For the first haircut, there is nothing wrong with dangling a sucker or cookie in front of them for good conduct. However, you don’t need to do this each time so that they come to expect gifts after every haircut.

We will do all in our hands at Artur’s Barber Shop to make sure your kid has a great first haircut visit.